One Stop Realty


Ask Yourself…..

·        How do you differentiate yourself from the competition?

·        *     Are you adding value to your real estate transactions by providing one-
   STOP shopping to your customers?

·        *     Are you getting the education and training you need to excel?

·        *     Do you have the access to technology that will keep you one stop ahead?

·        *     Do you have the resources of national and local vendors to help you
   maintain your competitive edge?

·        *     Does your current company provide you with referral opportunities to
   enhance your income?

·        *     Are you being recognized for the level of service you provide to your

Education is Important

Whether a new Broker or experienced performer, training is an important part of every deal you do.  At One STOP we have a training program for our Brokers that is an eight week one hour sessions.  This will help to jump start your business, we provide guidance and mentors during these sessions.

Not only are these for our new Brokers, but anyone who needs a refresher on a specific topic. 

It’s what makes you the qualified, knowledgeable, expert, Professional that you want to be!

For more information on our One STOP Real Estate Education and Continuing Education schedule please visit us at 

      Jack C. Sheehan

• Served on the New            Mexico   Real  Estate Commission’s
  Education Steering      
  Committee (ESC) Served
  as the Chair for 2013. 

• Active in Real Estate
  Education since 2006.  
Served served on various task forces;

- Instructor approvals

- Course approvals

- Commission rule changes

- Post Licenses Education

- On Line Course    
  Evaluations and approvals

- Standard form updates

- Zip form usage to RANM
  Staff and Realtors®

• Real Estate Commission
  approved instructor since

• Approved for over 17 Real
  Estate Continuing
  Education courses in New
  Mexico. Over 90 hours of

• Approved for instructing
  education and training

• Approved for all Pre-
  licensing courses.


This is........Unmatched Coaching!!

Start by mapping your career with a One-On-One Business Plan.

You will be paired with a personal coach, who will have meetings with you weekly to help you stay on track and reach the goals that you have committed to! 


Call To Discuss What One STOP Realty Can Offer You

For Brokers to become a member of The One STOP Team, contact the Qualifying Broker/Owner in your area as listed below: 

 Albuquerque  area - Jack C. Sheehan at 505-315-4952 or
505-881-0302  or at 

Roswell - ABQ Vantage -  Chad Petty at
 505-307-9393 or at 

If you are interested in becoming a referral only Broker contact
Julie M. Sheehan at 505-379-5736 or at

To open a One STOP Team in your area 

Contact Jack C. Sheehan at
(505) 881-0302. Don't miss out on an opportunity of a life time!






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